"Poisonous nightshade, to make it deadly; a lost soul, to give it life; and fresh marsh mud, to form the vessel. Brew these ingredients together before the twelfth bell tolls on the full moon, and you'll summon a dark and powerful familiar."

Or that's what the book says, at least.

Talk with townsfolk (some really like to talk hint hint), solve puzzles, and uncover secrets to help Mimmy the witch in her quest to summon a familiar of her very own. But hurry, because she only has until midnight to cast the spell!

NOTE: This game is currently unfinished.
Areas and NPCS are subject to change. The ending is blocked off until the full release.


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This is pretty darn good.  Nice graphics and the level design is on point. I totally felt immersed in your world you created. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing with us.

this is so good!!! i cant wait for the finished version! :D 


Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it c: 
A finished version should be up soon-ish; have been doing a lot of different projects. 

thats good :D dont worry too much and take your time ! i'm sure all of us will gladly wait to play your game :3

this is a really great start! I'm excited to play the finished version and help out all the NPCs :) thanks for being part of the jam!

I think this form of play is PERFECT for Bitsy. Please, finish the game, I would love to play it!

thank you!! i totally agree
and it should be finished fairly soon!